Saturday, November 26, 2016

Organic Food Secrets

In the old ways of buying food products in groceries, we only tend to look at its price and quality. However, today we are now considering a lot of important factors like: are they grown with good source of water, are they free of any kind of fertilizers and so on. We even try to look in other products how much percentage of both saturated and unsaturated fats they contain since everyone knows about the importance of health. This is the reason why many people nowadays are turning to organic food as they are worth spending.

There are various agricultural products that can be allowed to be produced organically and that include processed foods, eggs, dairy, meat, and grains.

What are the Difference of Organic Food and Non-Organic Food?


Before the time of WWII, the only option for farmers to grow their crops is without using any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. However, when technology was developed, there were many farmers who found several chemicals, for example the ammonium nitrate, that they used as munitions which then became a fertilizer. They also found organophosphate which was used as insecticide later on. 

When it comes to non-organic foods, farmers used fertilizers to increase their production. Insecticides are also used in order to control the animal antibiotics of pests and growth hormones used in increasing the production as well as to avoid any kinds of diseases.


In an organic food, fertilizers that are used are natural fertilizers such as green manure, seed meals, chopped plant materials, and so on. The green manure will protect the plant from the growth of weeds.

What is the type of Fertilizer Used in Organic Food?

There are a lot of hearsays about the effect of bad fertilizers to the environment so far, many are still using fertilizers to grow organic food. But what kind of fertilizer is being used in growing organic food? Of course, it is organic fertilizer. Meaning this type of fertilizer was not yet synthesized or their basic chemical make-up was not yet altered. When you are hearing bad comments about fertilizers from the media, they are simply focusing only on synthetic fertilizers.

Standards for Growing Organic Food

There were standards that have been set by the government of USA for growing organic food and farmers should be able to get a certificate from USDA before they could sell. If you have seen an organic food that is labeled as USDA Organic that means the food is made according to the US government’s standards.

The government of US has set standards of the type of food that is going to be eliminated in organic foods. Natural foods can be included on organics however not all of the natural foods you know are organic. 

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