Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cheap Ways to Improve your Garden

People who love growing any type of plant is always coming up with different ways on how to improve their garden. A lot of times, they end up buying commercially made fertilizers in order to hasten the growth of their plants. Will it really make your plants grow faster? One can never know. But it is a known fact that a lot of what we are eating today has been treated with chemicals and that includes commercially bought fertilizers. Anything artificial and chemically treated is harmful to our health that is why we need to be more health conscious and switch to a more natural way of growing our veggies and fruits. Besides, most of these so called commercial fertilizers cost a lot so why spend a lot on something that will harm you in the end, right?

What most people do right now to keep their plants healthy is by using organic fertilizers. With the gradual decrease in our economy right now, we have to think of ways to save more money to and use it for more urgent needs which brings about the idea of learning how to make organic fertilizer on your own. Actually, you do not need to go far to be able to have the things that you need to make an organic fertilizer because almost everything is found inside your home. Fruit peelings for example can be a good source to use as compost for your garden, uncooked vegetable leftovers, saw dust, egg shells, worm castings, paper towels, leftover cereals, lifeless plants, and so on. So many raw materials that you could choose from, you have to make use of your resourcefulness and try to recycle. There are many articles and sites that you could visit which could instruct you on how to make your own fertilizer.

The most commonly used organic fertilizer is compost; this is when organic products, like what has been mentioned earlier, decay or rots. When the raw materials reach its decaying or rotting stage, it is broken down to water and minerals which are not only nutritious to your plants and vegetables but also nutritious the soil. A healthy soil produces healthy plants. The thing with compost is that it takes time before you get to produce good compost. One thing more, decaying materials usually smell bad which is what you have to endure if you really want to go for it. You can also buy a ready-made organic fertilizer but it will trash the idea of saving money.

For good health, it is nice to switch to organic and lessen the amount of chemicals that we take in everyday. It is not even expensive to grow an organic vegetable garden if you know what you are doing. Don’t you think it amazing to eat naturally grown products in your garden? Again, organic is synonymous to natural, and whatever natural is good for the health.

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