Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Knowing the Truth: Is Organic Fertilizer for Rice Effective?

There are a lot of farmers in the Philippines, so as in other parts of the world, who are yearning to know whether or not organic fertilizer for rice is effective. It is good to know that more and more farmers are being open to other methodologies that could upgrade their farming. It is also nice to know that several people are showing interests or are curious about the utilization of organic fertilizers.

There was a research study that was made by a group of researchers from the University of the Philippines Los, Banos branch that compared economic, agronomic, and yielded responses of 3 varying feasible systems of rice production, which are SRI or System of Rice Intensification, BFS or Balanced Fertilization System, and FP or Farmers Practice.

This research provided a proof that feasible organic practices are excellent and beneficial, especially for small farmers. Economic analysis also states that the so-called organic farming can become more profitable and sustainable when farmers are able to generate their own botanical sprays and organic fertilizers.

On top of that, SRI resulted to a higher amount of tillers, panicle length, higher percentage of productive tillers, filled grain, 1000 seed weight, as well as grain yield with lesser costs of production, yet increased ROI or return of investment. This particular result is based on the setting wherein the water is not a restricting factor and when the temp is low.

The said organic rice production experimentation was administered in Alaminos City Pangasinan and Baao Camarines Norte. This was performed by the experts of the mentioned educational institution to boost the Go-Organic program of the government. It aims to convince several farmers that there are safer means of nourishing their crops, other than using harsh pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Based on the statement of Attorney Efren Moncupa, among the lead promoters of the Go Organic program and former undersecretary of the agrarian reform department, the study implies that the Philippines follows the proper direction in showcasing organic farming. The Philippines is actively promoting the advantages that organic farming could do. There were 600 farmers that were trained in accordance to the Organic FIELDS Support Program. Those farmers underwent different farming technologies and systems, and they went to 6 towns in Luzon.

This study suggests that farmers could benefit from, while at the same time could take care of the soil. Majority of us are aware of what chemical based fertilizers for rice could do. The fact that such fertilizers could benefit plants as well. But the reality prevails that chemical fertilizers can do more harm than good.

In fact, the harm that chemical based fertilizers are capable of imposing could be passed to us, humans. If you are a person who is truly fond of eating rice, to the extent that you want to produce your own, you should not hesitate to use organic fertilizer for rice. Take note; there are much simpler methods which could yield enormous, positive results. At present, for several farmers in the Philippines, so as in other parts of the world, organic fertilizer for rice is the safest and best nourishment means for their preferred rice breed.

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