Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Homemade Organic Fertilizer

If you truly care for your garden and want to give it a full and healthy growth it deserves, you must definitely opt for natural supplements other than those harmful fertilizers. Whether you are caring for your plants or soil, one of the best ways to develop your garden is to use fertilizers from organic materials. The best alternative fertilizer that you can use beside the harmful chemical-based fertilizer is the homemade organic fertilizer. You are not only giving your garden a full growth but you are also preventing the environment to be harmed. 

Aside from making your own organic fertilizer, you are also rest assured that you don’t need to spend much just to create a homemade organic fertilizer. This is actually cheaper compared to when you are going to purchase some in the market since the materials that you are going to need can be found within the vicinity of your own home. For example, the scraps from your garden and kitchen that include fallen foliage, grass clippings, old newspapers, crushed egg shells, coffee grounds, used tea bags, uncooked vegetable stems, and fruit peels. All these materials can be used to make compost.

However, the question that is left now is “how to make organic fertilizer?” which is the most frequently asked question by garden lovers nowadays. If you are among these individuals, below are some of the lists of materials you need in making your own compost.

Lime – You can always use lime for your soil. Since limes are rich in sulfur, soil needs more of this since soils lack sulfur at times.

Animal manure that are days old – You can only get manures from animals that are eating plants, for example, sheep, cows or horses. Never use a fresh manure as this is still hot and it might burn the plants. 

Rabbit manure – If you have rabbit pets at home, you can make use of their manure as instant fertilizer because they dry out quickly compared to the manure of other plant eating animal. 

Worm castings – This is only for those who have a worm farm in their home. You can harvest the worm manure in its solid form or you can even make this as a tea product which can be both applied on soil and plants.

Microbial Inoculant - Fullharvest Microbial Inoculant organic fertilizer is totally organic composing accelerant, formulated to initiate and accelerate the fermentative decomposition of organic wast. It produces odorless, hygienic, mature compost that can be safely applied to the land for improved soil structure, moisture retention and addition.

It does not matter if you are growing flowers, vegetables, herbs or any other plants, it is important to make use of organic fertilizer if you want to achieve good result in the future. So instead of spending much on commercial fertilizers, why not make your own as this may not even cause you to spend a single penny. Check this out for more information about organic farming. 

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