Sunday, November 9, 2014

Philippines: Is it ready for Organic Farming?

There was a time that the Philippines has been dependent on both chemical fertilizers and pesticides when it comes to farming. Organic farming has been considered as unreasonable and impractical at the same time because the cost of producing and procuring organic fertilizers to be used for farming cost much more. Most consumers on the other hand cannot afford to buy organic products. This natural products do not come cheap that is why it not selling that much in the market. Only those who can afford avail of it.

The Philippine Department of Agriculture had passed a bill with regards to organic farming which is the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010, Republic Act 10068. This has been approved and a certain budget is being allocated for the implementation of this law. It is said that 2% of the funds allotted for the Philippines Department of Agriculture will be used for organic farming. Results of this project are slow in the coming because there are still farmers and agricultural sectors that are opposed to the idea because it is beyond their financial limitations and they could not afford to waste time producing organic fertilizers because if bought commercially, it is more expensive than the usual fertilizers that they are used to. This is why the Department of Agriculture works double time into making organic farming not merely a trial but would also be the practice from this time onward. There are many problems being encountered throughout the implementation of organic farming but they do their best to look for ways to resolve this one. An example of a solution is by allotting a huge budget in converting composting facilities into organic fertilizer production plants which is a big step towards organic farming implementation. The plants will be equipped with different machines needed in producing organic fertilizer such as: drying equipments, carbonizing machine, machines for shredding and mixing, millers, grinders, and transport systems that make use of conveyor belts. This will encourage farmers, farm owners as well as producers to comply with this law.

Furthermore, Victory Global Unlimited Systems, Inc. proposed a system that can produce organic fertilizers at a low cost. This is intended to encourage Filipino farmers to adopt organic fertilizer production. Farmers should understand this for this would profit them as well even after harvest time because not only can they produce their own organic fertilizer but also be able to sell it even after harvest season. This is a good program to start encouraging farmers to embrace the idea of organic farming. Not only will this help them but will also be an advantage to having a healthier way of life for Filipinos. The change may not be felt this time, but as the years pass by and more farmers adopt organic farming then that is the time that you will be able to see the difference this program has made.

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