Thursday, January 26, 2012

FULLHARVEST Microbial Innoculant

It is a solid-based microbial plant growth promoter containing plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB). PGPB are root-associated bacteria which influence root growth by producing plant hormones and provide nutrients in soluble form. PGPB can also protect plant surfaces from colonization by pathogenic microbes through direct competitive effects and production of antimicrobial compounds.

Studies have shown that plant hormones produced by soil microorganisms are involved in plant growth promotion and developments. This is attributed to the production of plant growth regulators.

FULLHARVEST microbial innoculant is a totally organic composting accelerant formulated to initiate and accelerate the fermentative decomposition of organic waste. It produces odorless, hygienic, mature compost that can be safely applied to the land for improved soil structure, moisture retention and addition.

FULLHARVEST microbial innoculant is best for:

Water Conditioning
Waste management

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